About Meeeeeeeeeeeee

Hey y’all! What’s up?? I’m Alexis J. Shout outs to you for visiting my site! #Winning

A little bit about me? (duh, that’s why you’re in this section). I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA—Steeler fan ‘til I die. But I currently reside in Philadelphia working as a reporter in New Jersey. I earned my Master’s Degree in Media Studies and Production from Temple University in 2017, which kick started my career in reporting and journalism.

I know this is the part where people usually say “I am an expert at… I teach people how to… I can help you with..” and if you came here for ANY of that.. go on ahead and click the back button because this site isn’t for you. (Just kidding, please stay.)

All I’m saying is that there are soooo many beauty bloggers, MUA’s, hair stylists, weave coaches, fashionistas, activists, sports commentators, music analysts, etc. and I am NONE of those things (but big ups to all those people who have found their niche. I’m hating foreal!)

But what happened to just having a voice as a REGULAR girl?? (a basic b*tch one might say).  This day-in-age, social media pressures us to fit into one box or keep up with the latest trends and I just can’t always find the time or energy. But, as a professional mouth-runner, I do have an opinion on EVERYTHING. So I would love to share it!

I also want to give a platform to those who are out here thriving in their area of expertise. And most importantly, as a working journalist, I love to INFORM people about the world around them. So I will always be sure to have the facts straight!

So while you’re here, read, listen, watch, learn, laugh, share and take in all I have to offer and all I have to say…

but Don’t Take My Advice!

**My opinions are my own. They do not reflect those of my employer or any company that I work for. They also do not affect my ability to be objective, fair, and true in my work as a reporter.

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