butDTMA Ep. 10: Each 1 teach 1 ft. Ms. Cuffe

In episode 10 of But…Don’t Take My Advice the podcast Alexis J and Jay sit down with Alonna Cuffe, an English teacher working to educate kids from urban areas. Alonna talks about the challenges she faces as a young black female in the education profession and how she constantly works to perfect her craft and make an impact on her students. PLUS- we pay our respects to the talented Pittsburgh native rapper Mac Miller, we rank Beyonce’s albums and we salute Nike.

Rest In Peace Mac Miller!

***I do not own the rights to “The Question”- Mac Miller ft. Lil Wayne

***My opinions are my own and do not reflect those of the company I am employed by.


Cohost/Co-producer: Jaylen Jordan @_Itolnlyjay

Special Guest: Alonna Cuffe @_ayycee

Special thanks to StudioME

One thought on “butDTMA Ep. 10: Each 1 teach 1 ft. Ms. Cuffe

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed this episode!! Especially listening to Ms Alonna! Much respect for her job and dealing with our children and their families on a daily basis. As far as re-watching Black Panther… you may want to because there are quotes you may not have heard the first time you watched it. Especially when that fine ass Michael B. Jordan dies. How he spoke of not wanting to end up like our ancestors enslaved. Also: Long Live Power!!!!

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